Air Source Heat
Pump Grant

*For Home Owners & Tenants

Air Source Heat Pump Grant

A heat pump is a valuable addition to any home. It can help significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Moreover, the ongoing government scheme offers Air Source Heat Pump Grants that can help you reduce overall energy bills.

You can access these grants through various government funding schemes and receive up to 100% fully-funded grants for air source heat pumps. The funds cover the costs of the heat pump and other insulation technologies like replacing boilers, installing solar panels, and more.

However, please note that certain eligibility criteria must be met to claim these government grants.

How to Apply for Air Source Heat Pump Grant?

To apply for an Air Source Heat Pump Grant, you just need to check your eligibility. If you are already receiving a qualifying benefit, then you are good to go. It is also essential to be a private tenant or a landlord to receive grants.

You can directly apply to this scheme by filling out the form, ensuring you include all the required details for heat pump grants. Once you submit the form, you will soon be notified of the acceptance or rejection of grants.

Government Grant to Install Air Source Heat Pump

The government has set up initiatives and legislation to support the installation of efficient heating systems and sustainable technology solutions that help in reducing carbon footprints. By receiving government grants to install an air source heat pump, you will be able to save on installation costs.

The key benefits of receiving grants include:
• Reducing energy bills
• Saving money on installation and maintenance costs
• Enjoying a better-insulated home environment

Make sure to claim your grants as soon as possible to avoid delays.