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Green Connect connects you with energy-saving solutions that are easy to adopt, and we offer support for improving your home’s energy efficiency. We ensure to make homes cosy, energy-efficient, and warm. Our inspection team helps you with free consultancy on energy efficiency and ensures that your home is energy efficient. This ultimately reduces the energy bills and lets you turn your home eco-friendly at your affordability.

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Green Connect is available to assist you at all times, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


Our team guarantees high-quality heating and insulation services that improve energy efficiency in your home.


Under the ECO4 Funding Scheme, you can save time & money due to grants offered by the government.

Green Connect Government Funded Grants

Non Condensing Boiler Replacement

A non-condensing boiler isn’t intelligent enough to efficiently use all the heat it makes. Thus, you must upgrade to a modern condensing boiler that meets your needs.

Back Boiler Replacement

If you have an old back boiler installed & you want to replace it with a modern one, you can upgrade it with government-free boiler grants that save you a lot of money.

Air Source Heat Pump

A heat pump is a great value addition to your home that significantly reduces your carbon footprint. You can get an air source heat pump grant with an ongoing government scheme.

External Wall Insulation

These grants are only for people who own homes with external walls that are made of solid brick or stone. Make sure you learn about all the requirements needed to get the grant.

Internal Wall Insulation

The government gives the internal insulation grant once you qualify for this insulation grant you will be able to get the entire wall insulation without any hurdles.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Under the ECO4 funding scheme, you can get cavity wall insulation grants for your property. This can help you insulate your external walls & save money you spend on heating.

Do I Eligible for Central Heating Grant in ECO4 Funding Scheme?

If your home does not have a heating system or uses a method other than a boiler or radiator, you may qualify for a central heating grant through Eco4 funding. Here is a list of eligible heating systems for the program.